Beat the Steel
November 24, 2008
Just found this on my iBook's HD, it appears to have been written August 5, 2008, and if I remember correctly, it was written around the same time as "We, The Abomination". At any rate, here it is, yet another unpolished blurb.


Livin' in this time of lies, hate and steel,
When no one you know will ever feel,
It hurts so much to be real..

With our lives of tragedy,
living in the land of the fee,
we are never free.

Now, won't you help me be real...
won't you help me teach to feel...
just help me beat the steel...

And with the sound of a fire,
and the burn of a gun,
where do we run?
(oh, where do we run?)

As shadows turns to dust,
and the steel turns to rust,
we know that it must...
mean we are finally real.
(We are finally real.)

With our glimmer of hope,
we begin to run,
and our journey has just begun.
(and our journey has just begun...)

Pastor Bob King says...
Write when you can. I'd like to touch base with you again. I live near Austin, Tx now and travel 7 states with Regular Baptist Press.

Write or call, will you? 512-426-1230;

Pastor King

queelryrearge says...
Hi People
How are you doing?
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